South Korea Cycling Destinations: Danyang

It's been a minute since I've updated this blog. Sorry about that, but, you know, busy and other things, and life and COVID and all that. But from now on I will be back on it, and I'm starting with a new little series focusing on specific locations from which you can experience some really... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Sammak Temple (삼막사)

Located on the outskirts of Annyang just southwest of Seoul, Sammaksa is one of the best climbs in or near Seoul. Its only real competition for best climb near Seoul is probably Namhansanseong. This one is that good. The main Strava segment for Sammaksa is 3.19km and gains 299m of elevation at an average gradient... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Hwaaksan

Hwaaksan is located just north of Gapyeong, and at 1,468m is the tallest mountain in Gyeonggi Province and 9th tallest in Korea. For cyclists it is an absolute must-ride. The climb from South to North is marked by both its brutality and beauty, while the ride from North to South is a bit easier, but... Continue Reading →

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