Best Road Climbs in Korea: Jeongryeongchi

Jeongryeongchi is one of two mountain passes that cross over Jirisan, the Korean mainland’s largest mountain, and it is the single biggest climb in Korea based on elevation gain, adding over 1,000m over 13.5km of distance. This climb is a beast, plain and simple. It’s big. It’s steep. It’s hard. The climb comes in two... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Jungnyeong

Jungnyeong is an incredible category 2 climb located in Sobaeksan National Park northeast of Yeongju and south of Jecheon. It is part of the annual Baekdudaegan Gran Fondo and is one of the most scenic climbs you can find in South Korea. The climb itself is about 8-9km in length from both directions at an... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Hallasan

South Korea's tallest mountain happens to also be the most difficult to reach. Located on Jeju Island south of the mainland, Hallasan reaches a height of 1,950m and should absolutely be ridden if possible. I have ridden Hallasan twice, once from the north and once from the south, and loved it both times. The climb... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Hangyeryeong

Long but not terribly difficult, Hangyeryeong offers some of the most beautiful vistas in all of Gangwon-do. From various points along the climb the road ahead and above is visible in the distance as it traces the mountainside and switches back on itself, allowing riders to view parts of the climb that remain. And while... Continue Reading →

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