Three Days Cycling in Namwon

A couple weekends ago I spent a few incredible days of riding outside of Namwon. The rides included some big climbing, stunning scenery, and extreme suffering. Namwon is a small city in North Jeolla Province that gives easy access to Jirisan National Park just to the southeast and to several other areas of the Sobaek... Continue Reading →

Carbon Fiber Repair in Seoul

If you're like me, you're prone to crashing your bike. And if you're like me, when you crash, you crash hard. The consequences of crashing are pretty obvious to most: concussions, scrapes and bruises, broken bones, etc. To fix these things visit a hospital and take some rest. But about damage to a carbon fiber... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Bugaksan Skyway

This is basically a Sparknotes version post because I just spent 45 minutes writing about Bugaksan, but the original didn't save. Bugaksan is a great climb in northern Seoul. It's an essential climb that all local cyclists ride regularly. The main segment is here. A secondary segment on the back side of the mountain is... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Hallasan

South Korea's tallest mountain happens to also be the most difficult to reach. Located on Jeju Island south of the mainland, Hallasan reaches a height of 1,950m and should absolutely be ridden if possible. I have ridden Hallasan twice, once from the north and once from the south, and loved it both times. The climb... Continue Reading →

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