South Gyeongsang Province

Following are links to Strava rides in South Gyeongsang Province, and brief descriptions of each course.

Namhae: Namhae is a famously beautiful island off the south coast of the peninsula. The island was created from a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago that thrust the land above the sea’s surface. The island is very hilly and a full ride of the island is pretty tough, as there is always another hill ahead of you. But the scenery is astounding, so take the chance to ride Namhae if you can. The route linked to here ends in a city back on the mainland, but it’s just as easy to stay on the island and do a loop that returns to the bus terminal.

Jinju – Sacheon Loop: This route is highly recommended overall, but it includes Geumosan, which is the most difficult climb in South Korea and one best avoided for most people. The link here is a friend’s ride. We rode it together, but I had to get back to Jinju a little early so took a different and not-recommended route back.

Jinju Sightseeing: This is a lovely route around Jinju that takes you on some incredible roads through some beautiful areas. It has a couple small climbs, but is mostly flat. One of the most enjoyable rides I took in spring of 2019.

Seongsamjae and Odojae: Samseongjae is one of the mountain passes of Jirisan, the second tallest mountain in all of Korea. It’s 10km long at 9%, and it’s gorgeous. Plus it has an incredible descent that stretches almost 20km at shallow gradients. Later in the ride is Odojae which is a little monster. It’s about 5-6km in length, but relentlessly steep. But what makes it a good climb is that it descends to Jianchi, which is one of the most iconic cycling roads in South Korea.

Yongnam Alps: This isn’t all of the so-called Alps, and it adds the Cheontaeho Reservoir climb at the end. This ride is really tough. Its beautiful. But it’s death. Good luck, especially on Eden Valley.

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