Gangwon Province

Following are links to Strava rides in Gangwon Province and brief descriptions of each course.

Yangang to Chuncheon – This is a really difficult route that starts on the east coast surfing town of Yangyang and finishes in Chuncheon. This route includes Jochimryeong, which is one of the toughest climbs in the country with gradients well into the double digits for more than 4 consecutive kilometers. The roads and scenery all along this route are astounding.

Hangyeryeong & Misiryeong Yangyang Loop – This is one of the best rides I’ve done in the past few years. Lots of elevation and gorgeous scenery. Includes the beautiful Hangyeyreong climb and the epic Misiryeong descent into Sokcho.

Chuncheon to Sokcho Death Route – Chuncheon to Sokcho is always a great and challenging ride. This is a link to the Death Route, which starts with five punchy climbs before getting to the big elevation to end. And did I mention it’s nearly 200km in length?

Seoul to Chuncheon – A tough ride to Chuncheon from Seoul that bypasses the river paths and instead heads through the mountains. Be sure to eat some dalkgalbi when you arrive in Chuncheon.

Around Samcheok GF Route: This is a really well-designed route used for the yearly gran fondo in Samcheok.

Taebaek (Surijae and Manhangjae: This route starting in Taebaek is a good one. It includes 4 smaller climbs and two big ones. The route is nearly all on fairly traffic-free roads and has some awesome scenery. And Manhangjae at the end is an epic climb.

Yeongwol 5 Climbs: This is one of the most spectacularly gorgeous routes I’ve ridden. It’s a tough one with about 2,600m of elevation gain, but it’s worth it. But beware, the 4th climb of the ride is brute and the descent is horrible.

Samcheok Daetjae Climb Loop: An awesome route, plain and simple.

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