Ganghwa Islands

(FYI: I'm writing this in a rush. I will come back to edit it sometime in the next few days) Early this month Ryan and I headed a little northwest of Seoul to Ganghwa-do, Korea's third largest island, to do some riding. We did a loop around Ganghwa Island and also headed out to a... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Daetjae (댓재)

Is this the single best road climb in all of Korea? There is a certainly a case to made for it, and today I am leaning toward saying yes, it's the best. Daetjae is a category 1 climb located about 15km east of Samcheok. It starts out by rising up through some countryside residences and... Continue Reading →

Three Days Cycling in Namwon

A couple weekends ago I spent a few incredible days of riding outside of Namwon. The rides included some big climbing, stunning scenery, and extreme suffering. Namwon is a small city in North Jeolla Province that gives easy access to Jirisan National Park just to the southeast and to several other areas of the Sobaek... Continue Reading →

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