Best Road Climbs in Korea: Manhangjae: 1 peak, 4 climbs

Manhangjae, a mountain pass that crosses Hambaeksan, Korea's 6th tallest mountain, is both the highest altitude road in all of South Korea and one of the single best cycling destinations in the country. There are four Manhangjae climbs, well, three and half really, approaching from each of the four cardinal directions. The climbs from South,... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Daetjae (댓재)

Is this the single best road climb in all of Korea? There is a certainly a case to made for it, and today I am leaning toward saying yes, it's the best. Daetjae is a category 1 climb located about 15km east of Samcheok. It starts out by rising up through some countryside residences and... Continue Reading →

Around Samcheok Ride Fest 2019

This past weekend I was in Samcheok, a nice little town on the east coast, for the third annual Around Samcheok Ride Fest, which is an event aimed at contributing to local tourism, as Samcheok is often neglected by tourists for its more popular northern neighbors Donghae, Gangneung, Yangyang, and Sokcho. The so called 'Ride... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Hangyeryeong

Long but not terribly difficult, Hangyeryeong offers some of the most beautiful vistas in all of Gangwon-do. From various points along the climb the road ahead and above is visible in the distance as it traces the mountainside and switches back on itself, allowing riders to view parts of the climb that remain. And while... Continue Reading →

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