Best Road Climbs in Korea: Jungnyeong

Jungnyeong is an incredible category 2 climb located in Sobaeksan National Park northeast of Yeongju and south of Jecheon. It is part of the annual Baekdudaegan Gran Fondo and is one of the most scenic climbs you can find in South Korea.

The climb itself is about 8-9km in length from both directions at an average gradient of 6-7% depending on where you consider the start of the climb to be. The road itself is immaculate and wide, and it makes several broad turns as it snakes its way to the peak, and it never really pitches overly steep, making it a manageable climb for riders of all levels.

When I think of this climb I think of green. The forest is thick and lush, and the views looking out are of stunning, forest covered mountains in the distance.

East of the climb is Woraksan National Park, which offers some great riding. Here is a route I highly recommend; just adjust the starting point for your convenience. As it is here, it was awesome to finish with the Jungnyeong descent to finish the ride. But without a personal vehicle for transport it might not be possible.

Of all the climbs I’ve done in South Korea, of which there are hundreds, this one is in the top 5. It’s a must-ride in my opinion, so find the time and go do it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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