Carbon Fiber Repair in Seoul

If you’re like me, you’re prone to crashing your bike. And if you’re like me, when you crash, you crash hard. The consequences of crashing are pretty obvious to most: concussions, scrapes and bruises, broken bones, etc.

To fix these things visit a hospital and take some rest. But about damage to a carbon fiber bicycle frame? I have had carbon repair done on my frame twice here in Seoul, and in both cases the work was done well, so here is some information regarding my experiences.

The first cracked frame I had was a fairly minor issue, just a small, straight crack on the top of the top tube. The overall length of the crack was about 2cm and it didn’t even look like a crack, more like a deep chip in the paint. But caution led me to have it checked out by professionals, which led me to Carbon 119 in Seoul. The repair cost me about 350,000 Korean Won, which was on the expensive side. Add to that the fee of having to disassemble and reassemble my frame at my local mechanic and the total cost was about 500,000. However, the work was done within two weeks and the color match on the area that needed to be repainted was immaculate. Overall it was a good experience.

The second time I cracked my frame was much worse. The crack was again on the top tube, but this time it spiraled down from the top to the bottom part of the tube. It was clearly a problem. This time, instead of going to Carbon 119, I took my bike to Watts Sports in Seoul who disassembled, shipped, and reassembled by bike. Watts deals with a carbon repair company in Incheon, the name of which I have forgotten. The repair took four weeks, and the color match on the paint is a little off. Additionally, the texture of the pain is different, courser than the original. The repair itself cost 496,000 Won, and disassembly, shipping, and reassembly cost an additional 180,000. It was an expensive ordeal. However, when all is said and done it probably wasn’t any less cost effective than Carbon 119 was considering the larger and more complex repair that was required.

All in all my experiences with carbon repair in Seoul have been without major complaint. Personally, I would recommend Carbon 119 due to the quicker service and better paint job. But both have done good work on the frame repair itself.

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