Recommended Route: Daejeon Lakes (대청호)

With cherry blossom season around the corner it’s almost time to get out for some of the most beautiful riding of the year, and one of the best routes you can ride is in the Daejeon Lakes region (link here), an area that is always a nice place to ride, but in April during the cherry blossom season is nicest.

Much of the route is on roads lined with cherry trees while a few parts venture into forested areas of pines and maples. The roads themselves are in good condition and on weekdays aren’t overly busy. However, on weekends the traffic is unreal, so definitely do this ride on a weekday during the cherry blossom season.

The route above is notable for its constant rollers. Starting and returning to the Daejeon Bus Terminal, the route is only 108km, not overly long, but it does gain a lot of elevation despite having only one significant climb. As such, the constant rollers make for a pretty tough ride, but one well worth the effort and time. So come April get out and ride it!

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