Best Road Climbs in Korea: Hangyeryeong

Long but not terribly difficult, Hangyeryeong offers some of the most beautiful vistas in all of Gangwon-do. From various points along the climb the road ahead and above is visible in the distance as it traces the mountainside and switches back on itself, allowing riders to view parts of the climb that remain.

And while looking ahead offers some beautiful views, it is in looking back that Hangyeryeong really impresses, as views of the road past reveal beautiful forests and incredible rock formations that form the spine of Seoraksan.

The East to West climb is 9km long at an average gradient of 6.7%, gaining a total of about 600m in altitude. The descent going west is long and fast, and not overly technical after the first bit, so it is also good fun.

Starting from Yangyang I rode this route, which I highly recommend, in early October during Chuseok and just as the leaves began to turn. Due to the holiday and foliage there was quite a bit of vehicular traffic on the way up, though very little on the way down. If you intend to ride this during autumn, I recommend doing it on a weekday to avoid traffic as much as possible. But whenever you get the chance definitely do this climb at some point. It’s a good one!

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