Published! The Elevation Game: The Best Road Cycling Climbs in South Korea

Happy to announce that my book has just been published (hardcover, 280x220mm, 300pages) by Andrebada publishing. After three years of suffering, sweat, and frustration it's now available domestically online via Coupang and online from Kyobo. It will also be available in-store at the Kyobo Gangnam location by March 21st 2022. International orders and shipping are... Continue Reading →

Ganghwa Islands

(FYI: I'm writing this in a rush. I will come back to edit it sometime in the next few days) Early this month Ryan and I headed a little northwest of Seoul to Ganghwa-do, Korea's third largest island, to do some riding. We did a loop around Ganghwa Island and also headed out to a... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Jeongryeongchi

Jeongryeongchi is one of two mountain passes that cross over Jirisan, the Korean mainland’s largest mountain, and it is the single biggest climb in Korea based on elevation gain, adding over 1,000m over 13.5km of distance. This climb is a beast, plain and simple. It’s big. It’s steep. It’s hard. The climb comes in two... Continue Reading →

Best Road Climbs in Korea: Jungnyeong

Jungnyeong is an incredible category 2 climb located in Sobaeksan National Park northeast of Yeongju and south of Jecheon. It is part of the annual Baekdudaegan Gran Fondo and is one of the most scenic climbs you can find in South Korea. The climb itself is about 8-9km in length from both directions at an... Continue Reading →

Cycling South Korea on YouTube

I have recently started a YouTube channel that will document and inform about the best places for road cycling in South Korea. The videos will highlight specific climbs, areas, and courses. Take a look and leave some comments: Ja Deok

Legal Advice in Case of Crash

In early April I was struck head-on by another cyclist on the bike path along the Han River. The rider was passing three people just before he planned to make a left turn, but did so without looking ahead. The result was a displaced fracture of the scaphoid bone in my left wrist that occurred... Continue Reading →

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